Example of using visible Mental Steps

“Cloning” expertise makes Mental Steps visible so they can be read and heard… evaluated and improved…integrated and translated into multiple languages…and used by individuals worldwide.

Pam Grossman, Dean of Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania believes in using decision-making processes of expert readers and writers. “It is not enough, after all, simply to tell a ­student who can’t understand a text to ‘read it again’ or to ask a student whose essay is weak to ‘make it better.’  The teacher needs to be more specific, showing students what this kind of thinking looks like by illuminating the invisible mental steps that go into it.”  Grossman calls this “making your thinking visible.”

“By taking students through each mental leap, one at a time, teachers can help them see the exact processes they’ll need to complete to be a better reader, write a better essay, or make a better ­argument.”

That is how you develop expertise in weeks instead of years.

In the video Experts are Different, the Vice Chairman of Medicine at a leading medical school talks about 27 knowledgeable physicians who are asked to identify patients having a heart attack.  4 of the 27 used their invisible mental steps to identify the right information by observing videos of patients and correctly using that information to arrive at the right decision every time.  All experts -- from physicians to writers -- use invisible unconscious mental steps to correctly identify pertinent digital and non-digital data, perform real-time analyses, and make and use essential real-time judgments; but only a few develop this ability when they must learn through trial and error experience.  …More