Organizations have customer, sales, supply chain and financial data but they
do not have data for understanding how employees think.



Every judgment that individuals make when they perform their job, make decisions and solve problems is important.  When individuals use an expert’s “cloned” decision-making process, MIP’s Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR) captures and stores those judgements in the ICR’s Prior Judgment data mart.  That “data” is integrated with the Mental Steps that enabled them to make each judgment. 

Thus, for the first time it is possible to know what judgments each individual made, why the judgments were made, when the judgements were made and who and/or what the judgments were about.  Those judgments can be tracked, evaluated, improved and shared with others. 

The original purpose of the Prior Judgments data mart was to enable the ICR to make judgments for users when those judgments depended on a prior judgment.  But this data mart also enables a number of other valuable functions.  The following examples are just the tip of the iceberg: