MIP’s Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR) empowers individuals and provides the
agility organizations needed to be smart, nimble and quick

The ICR’s use of cognitive technology offers a new era for Decision-Making and for the use of Big Data and Analytics.  Today technology is used to improve the quantity, speed, quality and sharing of information.  With the ICR, technology is used to improve the quantity, speed, quality and sharing of thought processes that the human mind uses to interpret digital and non-digital information, perform real-time human analysis and employ real-time judgments to make better decisions. 

For non-experts, the ICR is like having an expert available 24X7 to tell them what needs to be done and how to adapt to new or unfamiliar situations.  The ICR works for any job that requires decision-making, problem solving or understanding people, places or things.  For example, it can be used to diagnose and solve restaurant and store problems in a chain or franchise, analyze branch banks, or to understand students, customers and the market.

Individuals can use a smartphone, tablet or PC to touch, select or say his or her answers.  A user can have the ICR speak to them, they can read screens or they can follow along as the ICR speaks.  Every Mental Step in “cloned” decision-making expertise can be made available in multiple languages.  This makes the ICR global and easily accessible to most people.  The ICR is scalable and the incremental cost of adding additional users and enabling them to use “cloned” expertise is essentially zero.  More about “Cloned” Expertise


In addition to enabling individuals to use and improve “cloned” expertise, the ICR also:

There are two versions of the ICR.  The Basic ICR and the Enhanced ICR.  The Basic ICR enables individuals worldwide to use an expert’s “cloned” expertise. 

The Enhanced ICR enables individuals to change a copy of the expert’s “cloned” expertise and create personal “clones” that fit their situations and grow with the individual as he/she learns from new experiences.  As individuals improve the Mental Steps in their own personal “clones,” the Enhanced ICR shares those improvements with other individuals who evaluate the improvements and decide if they are relevant to their situations. If desired, individuals can add the relevant improvements that others made to their personal “clones” and then assimilate and put those improvements into practice.

Everything in the ICR is integrated.  This means that the content and data an expert uses is available at the right time along with the real-time interpretations, analyses and judgments the expert performs.  Individuals no longer have to spend 30% of their workday searching for the right information.

With the ICR, everything individuals need to make decisions, as if they were experts, is integrated and presented to them at the right time.  Individuals are able to use, improve and share the expert’s Mental Steps and everything linked to those Mental Steps as they perform their jobs, make decisions and/or solve problems.

Individuals no longer have to constantly reinvent the wheel when improved and new Mental Steps can be shared worldwide.  When a disruptive situation is noticed and the way to respond to that situation is learned, that learning is instantly available to others around the globe.  This global sharing through personal “clones” provides the agility organizations needed to be smart, nimble and quick.  …More