Real-time decision-making expertise is a process
that may contain hundreds of Mental Steps

Mental Steps are unconscious thought processes that are linked and grouped into a single decision-making process that is based on a deep understanding of the situations and data that continually arise on a particular job. 

Expert decision-making processes are developed through years of job-specific experience and include Mental Steps that handle every situation and/or condition the expert encounters when performing that specific job.  Mental Step are used by the human mind to perform real-time activities such as identifying pertinent digital and non-digital data, performing real-time analyses, and making and using essential real-time judgments.


Mental Steps are unconscious thinking and thus unrecognized
– therefore invisible – until they are “cloned.” 

“Cloning” expertise makes Mental Steps visible so they can be read and heard…evaluated and improved…integrated and translated into multiple languages…and used by individuals worldwide.

Making invisible Mental Steps visible works for any job that requires decision-making, problem-solving or understanding people, places or things.  For example, it can be used to diagnose and solve restaurant, store or branch bank problems; understand students, customers and the market; diagnose patients, plan curriculum delivery and develop strategy.  …More