Growing your own talent – quickly – enables organizations to have
the talent they need to succeed over the long term

Clearly, today’s educational systems, employee training, mentoring, coaching and informal learning are not able to do this or having the talent to succeed over the long term would not be an issue.

“Millennials or Generation Yers… are the largest generation since the baby boomers and they are expected to have a huge social and economic impact on the workplace…  Millennials are technically savvy, and we [older workers] appreciate learning from them as much as they learn from us,” Washington, Post 2012.

To capitalize on these bright young employees, organizations need: First, to quickly bring them up-to-speed so that they can do their jobs and make judgments and decisions as well as the retiring experts.  Second, to enable younger employees to share their ideas, skills and creativity with older individuals.

Figure 2“Cloned” expertise and the ICR solve the first problem by enabling millennials to use the decision-making processes of experts as they perform their jobs, make decisions and solve problems. 

This diagram shows how quickly residents and medical students were brought up-to-speed when an expert physician’s decision-making process for Diagnosing Patientswas used by residents and medical students. 

The expert stated, “Medical students and residents were in awe of how accurately they formulated a course of action that matched what I had written in the charts.  Both residents and medical students were able to diagnose patients as if they had many years of experience.  In a few days, theiraveragediagnostic accuracy went from 40% to 60% and the time required to accurately diagnose a patient dropped from over 1 hour to less than 5 minutes.”  Collaboration and sharing enabled them to continuously improve their performances.

The ICR solves the second problem by enabling millennials and other individuals to have personal “clones” that extend and improve their copies of the expert’s “cloned” expertise.  This enables them to share their Mental Steps that encompass their unique ideas, skills and creativity.  Improved Mental Steps are stored in the ICR database and the ICR makes them available to other individuals – millennials and boomers.  For example:

According to a retiring strategy and marketing expert, a few weeks after the young members of the department began to use my decision-making processes, they were making decisions as if they were experts.  They made improvements to their Mental Steps and stored them in the ICR database, which made them available to all team members.  That sharing enabled the team to quickly create an innovative solution for changing the product mix that led to a doubling of profits within months.  …More