MIP’s Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR)
returns Google results better than Google

Today Google and other search engines retrieve short summaries for hundreds of web pages that users can read to determine which web pages to review. Usually they must review a number of web pages before they find the information they are seeking but there is no guarantee that that information is correct.

In contrast, links to the internet that are stored in the ICR Integrated Network enable ICR users to access the exact webpage (s) that experts analyze or use as reference material that support analysis.  These webpages are integrated with and linked to Mental Steps. If the web pages need to analyzed, they are displayed along with how the expert interprets, analyzes and uses them.  If they are reference material, they are displayed along with the material they reference and support. That is how the ICR returns Google results better than Google. 

What the ICR Integrated Network does for web pages and Google it also does for analytics, reports, dashboards, results, reference material, social networks and prior judgments, etc.  …More about ICR Integrated Network

The ICR Integrated Network provides links that enable individuals to instantly access the content and data that experts use. Because that content and data is organized around the Mental Steps in “cloned” decision-making processes, they are available at the precise time they are needed to perform the Mental Step to which they are linked.

When users need to analyze content and/or data found in a dashboard, report or data-mining tool, etc., they verbally ask for the information and the ICR displays the content or data on the users’ smartphones, tablets or PCs.  The expert’s cloned expertise can then tell the users how the expert interprets, analyzes and uses that information via voice or on a split screen.  ...More