The decision-making processes of experts
the key to superior decisions and exceptional results

From the wisdom of Herbert Simon.....


Experts produce the right judgments 80% to 90% of the time and we have found that experts with over 30 years of experience make the right judgments over 90% of the time.  Novices and non-experts make the right judgments only 30-50% of the time

An expert’s decision-making process contains hundreds of unconscious thought processes that are linked and grouped -- chunked -- into a single process that is based on a deep understanding of the situations and data that continually arise on a particular job.  Expert decision-making processes are developed through years of job-specific experience. 

MIP “clones” the decision-making processes of experts and store them in the Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR) so that they are instantly available to other individuals.  This enables the other individuals to use and continuously improve the Mental Steps in the expert’s decision-making processes as they perform their jobs, make decisions and solve problems.  …More

Herbert A. Simon, received the Noble Prize in economics for his research into decision-making processes.