“…Innovative ideas come most often and most reliably from experts…

“They may not hit home runs every time at bat, but for the long term they have the knowledge and insight to generate and recognize opportunities...”
~ Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon

Data on its own is nothing but a huge expense.  Data cannot generate innovation, insights, growth or productivity.  That requires people.  The ICR resolves this problem by integrating content and data with “cloned” expertise that individuals use to accurately identify and correctly use digital information as well as data gathered with their senses, through observations, conversations, etc.

Perhaps the most important contribution the ICR makes to innovation is the ability for an individual to use his or her own Mental Steps as well as those of others to analyze and understand a particular job, opportunity or problem.  Individuals can draw on the experience of experts and individuals who may have already solved key aspects of a problem or opportunity, have a different perspective or approach or simply have the missing Mental Steps needed to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity.

Without the ICR, other qualified individuals must be first identified and available because they are the only ones that can use their own Mental Steps.  With the ICR, individuals solving the problems or capitalizing on opportunities can instantly receive and use the best content and data from the most qualified individuals in their field along with the Mental Steps those individuals use to perform real-time interpretations, analyses and judgments. 

With the ICR, individuals no longer have to reinvent the wheel.

Sharing Mental Steps gives individuals the ability see their jobs, opportunities and problems from the perspective of different experts and individuals.  This fosters innovation as individuals generate insights and recognize opportunities....More