MIP’s Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR) is an Adaptive System

The ICR adapts to each user’s skill level, each different “cloned” decision-making process, each user’s own personal “clone (s)” and to every answer a user provides.

The ICR adapts to every user’s skill level:  The ICR user interface continually adapts to each user as their skill levels quickly progress from recent college graduate to experienced professional and expert.

A novice must answer many questions, view and analyze a lot of content and data, which the ICR makes available exactly when they need to analyze it and make a judgment. Even with the ICR, meanings and understanding what must be analyzed and what actions must be performed can take several weeks for a novice to master.  Meanings, examples, video, expert knowledge, videos, etc.  must also be instantly available at the right time so the ICR constantly adapts to the user’s needs.

In contrast, experienced professionals and experts will primarily just answer “yes” or “no” to a few questions and the ICR instantly adapts to each answer. 

Occasionally experienced professionals will ask for additional information before answering a question and such information is instantly presented according to the judgment the user needs to make.


The ICR adapts to different “cloned” decision-making processes: The ICR adapts to “cloned” decision-making processes in diverse fields. For example, it adapts to “cloned” expertise that is used by sales people, lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, strategic planners, etc.

Not only does it adapt to different “cloned” expertise but it also presents the content, data, examples, meanings, etc. associated with that expertise.

The ICR adapts to every user’s personal “clone (s):” The Enhanced ICR enables every user to have his or her personal “clone (s).”  These “clones” are personalized and constantly improved by each individual user.  For example, if 1000 employees in an organization each have two personal “clones,” then the ICR adapts to 2000 different personal “clones.”

The ICR adapts to every answer a user provides: Whenever a user answers a question with a “yes” or “no,” the ICR adapts to that answer and determines the next appropriate Mental Step in the process. Every time a user encounters a slightly different situation, solves a slightly different problem, or provides a different answer, the ICR adapts to those answers. ...More