Key MIP Personnel

Sandra Tice

Sandra Kay Tice, cognitive scientist, is the Founder and CEO of MIP Corporation.  Ms. Tice is an innovator, consultant and speaker with over thirty years experience in artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data science and cognitive science. She designed and directed development of The MIP Augmented Intelligence Platform.  She also developed MIP’s Proprietary Processes, which are the critical breakthrough that enables MIP to close the huge performance gap between average employees and top performers in weeks instead of years. 

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Richard Stuckey

Richard J. Stuckey, MBA, is a Partner with MIP Corporation.  Mr. Stuckey has been working with MIP for a number of years and he is an expert in MIP’s Proprietary Processes for extracting how intuitive judgments are made and knowledge management systems.  He has used MIP’s Proprietary Processes to extract how physicians make real-time intuitive judgments and worked with the University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medical Education, which specializes in the study of decision-making.  Rick is a retired Accenture partner.

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Scott Lauder

Scott Lauder, Ph.D., is an MIP Associate.  Dr. Lauder has spent his career in the pharmaceutical industry in various marketing and marketing research capacities.  He has worked with marketing professionals in Europe, Asia and the Americas on marketing techniques such as the use of data analytics that are designed to improve top-line performance and staff excellence.  He is currently consulting with MIP Corporation to help extract intuitive judgments and improve performance in marketing and sales departments.

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Art Paton


Arthur Paton, Ph.D., is an MIP Advisor.  Dr. Paton is currently the President of Organizational Performance.  He is a visionary leader for learning and innovation, social media and mobile.  He has been improving human performance for over 30 years in technology, non-profit and startup companies.  Dr. Paton was one of the founders of Motorola University and directed the Motorola Knowledge Community Resource Office.  While at Motorola, he pioneered the use of MIP’s Augmented Intelligence Platform. 

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