MIP’s Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR) Integrated Network
links “cloned” Mental Steps with disparate content and data

The links that establish the ICR Integrated Network are stored in the ICR.  An organization’s physical data is not affected.

The links in the ICR Integrated Network are organized around the Mental Steps in the experts’ “cloned” decision-making processes.  This makes the content and data that experts analyze when making real-time decisions or use as reference material that support real-time analysis instantly available to ICR users.

The ICR Integrated Network is established by linking “cloned” Mental Steps with the expert’s meanings, key experiences and pertinent knowledge. “Cloned” Mental Steps are also linked to the content and data the expert uses when performing the “cloned” decision-making process.  This includes analytics, reports, dashboards, results, reference material and prior judgments made by every individual.

Such information may reside on the internet, social networks or in data warehouses, knowledge management and other systems. It may be developed by cognitive, business intelligence and data mining tools as well as algorithms and other applications.

The links needed to access this information are loaded and stored in the ICR. Individuals access the “cloned” expertise and the links stored in the ICR with a smartphone, tablet or PC.  ...More