The Potential Benefit of Raising the Performance of Your Employees to
The Level of Top Performers is Tremendous

" highly complex jobs...high performers are an astounding 800 percent more productive than average performers." McKinsey study

" performers have an incredibly high ROI because they produce more than four times more; however, they are generally paid less than 20 percent over an average worker in the same job. ...In business, just like sports and entertainment, top performers have a significantly higher business impact than the average [performer]." Dr. John Sullivan, internationally known Talent management thought-leader from Silicon Valley.

MIP's Approach Closes the Gap Between Average and Top Performers

For Example:

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The MIP Augmented Intelligence Platform Shortens the Learning Curve and
Turns Employees into Top Performers in Weeks Rather Than Years

The MIP Augmented Intelligence Platform brings together the human cognitive expertise and existing client technology resources that employees need to:

MIP’s Proprietary Processes – The Critical Breakthrough

Top performers make accurate intuitive judgments automatically and instantaneously in their unconscious minds that enable them to make the right judgments in the right order at the right time over 92% of the time. Because top performers are unaware of their intuitive judgments and do not know how they make them, they cannot explain or transfer their intuitive judgment expertise to others.

MIP Proprietary Processes are the critical breakthrough that enable MIP consultants to identify and extract a top performer’s intuitive judgment expertise.  Once extracted, intuitive judgment expertise is transformed into data that can be stored in the MIP Augmented Intelligence Platform so that it can be rapidly transferred to other employees and continuously improved.

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