MIP’s Intellectual Capital Repository® (ICR) and “Cloned” decision-making expertise
unlock the full potential of human intellectual capital

The ICR is an enterprise mobile application that uses cognitive and cloud technology to empower individuals to make superior decisions.

The ICR’s use of cognitive technology offers a new era for decision-making and for the use of big data analytics. Today technology is used to improve the quantity, speed, quality and sharing of information. With the ICR, technology is used to improve the quantity, speed, quality and sharing of thought processes that the human mind uses to interpret digital and non-digital information, perform real-time human analysis and employ real-time judgments to make better decisions.  

The ICR is not an expert system. It does not use artificial intelligence to make computers experts; to automate routine tasks; to interpret questions or to mine content and data.  Rather than artificial intelligence, the ICR starts by enabling individuals to use an expert’s “cloned” real-time decision-making processes.  …More

“Cloned” decision-making expertise and the ICR improve profits and growth by expanding expertise throughout an organization; aligning decision execution with strategy; enabling innovation everywhere; retaining decision-making expertise; growing your own talent and making big data analytics profitable.

In addition to enabling individuals to use and improve “cloned” expertise, the ICR also:

  • Provides agility needed to be smart, nimble and quick by enabling global sharing through personal “clones”
  • Provides ability to track and understand how employees think
  • Reduces employee misunderstandings, which on average costs organizations $62 million per year (IDC Research)
  • Provides the ICR Integrated Network that links “cloned” expertise with disparate content and data that experts use to make decisions
  • Returns Google results better than Google
  • Meets each user’s needs with an adaptive system



Meeting Big Picture Challenges by:

Expanding Expertise Throughout an Organization Aligning Execution with Strategy Enabling Innovation Everywhere Retaining Decision-making Expertise Growing Your Own Talent Making Big Data Analytics Profitable

Unlocking the Potential of Human Intellectual Capital with the ICR

Provides the agility to be smart, nimble and quick Provides ability to track & understand how employees think Reduces
Employee Misunderstandings
Provides the ICR Integrated Network Returns Google Results Better Than Google An Adaptive System

A Proven Solution

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