Create Top Performers in 1 - 2 Days with MIP’s Augmented Intelligence Tool

Every organization has a few seasoned people who always seem to do the right thing in any situation. It is not their knowledge that enables them to do the right thing over 90% of the time. It is their reasoning power and scientific research has proven it takes beginners 10 to 20 years of trial and error experience to develop high-performance reasoning power.*

We capture that high-performance reasoning power, transform it into data and store it in MIP’s Augmented Intelligence Tool – the Internet of Thought™ – which ensures reasoning power does not need to be learned. Meanings, knowledge, analytics and AI Data are linked to stored reasoning so they can be viewed at exactly the right time in 2 clicks.


Without the Internet of Thought™ – Top Performers Are Created in 10 - 20 Years


With the Internet of Thought™ –Top Performers Are Created in 1 - 2 Days

As beginners and other employees perform their jobs, MIP’s Tool enables them to instantly view, hear and use the stored reasoning power of the best top performers along with linked data. That empowers employees to make the right judgments for over 90% of the situations they encounter. This enables them to skip the 10 to 20 years of experience and participate in exponential improvement.  

For Example:

*HBR – The Making of an Expert – Becoming a high-performer takes 10 years (or 10,000 hours) to 15 - 25 years (click here)
**Top performers are 400 to 800% more productive than average persons, according to McKinsey study (click here)

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